The day without you Article / ziyunyan It's late night again. Are you listening to the song? A treasure, a goodbye, you are me. You know what? How I wish you could come back soon and come back to me. The day without you, I am more and more night, because the night gives me the space to miss you. Here, I can let my love for you run rampant. You know, the black sky is full of what I have done to you. More and more days without you, it's all because I miss you! Quiet night, who will accompany me? My long miss, who can comfort me? Midnight, let the gorgeous song ring. Just use the song to express my deep love for you! Do you know that the deep-seated yearning has already overflowed into a river in the bottom of your heart. By the independent River, I have been weathered into a reef. Because, I can only look at you, pulling the time to give me that share of you and love. I really don't know. I'm so attached to you. Really don't understand, a goodbye, let me so sad. You always look dull in front of you. You will not know, the share in your eyes, the low sigh you turned away from, completely shattered my pride. Now, how I miss you! Listen, the song is singing again. You are not by my side, quiet night, who will accompany me? My long miss, who can comfort me? You know, every note in the song is my sincere talk to you. Tonight, why am I so boneless to you? Tonight, how does this missing deduce a hearty and incisive pour out?